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Notes on Contributors

Sitelines Vol 6 No 1 Autumn 2009

Alex Apostolou

Alex Apostolou (Perth, 1962), occasionally shares his ideas through stories and other creative forms to generate a few more possibilities that vividly reflect his experience, while improving the quality of the feedback.

Eva Bujalka

Eva Bujalka is currently in her final year at Curtin University. She is still amazed every day by the concept of subjectivity, and occasionally asks her brain what thinking 'feels' like. You can currently find her sitting in the loo on the third floor of the library holding her head in her hands experiencing an existential crisis.

Lincoln Dodd

Lincoln Dodd rebukes assertions of identity, and seeks to invite his fellow orphans on a quest to release themselves from the powerful forces of personal judges and stories- the ego. Lincoln wishes to pursue this quest, and other wisdom, through spirituality and physical methodology, using theatre, music, and the written word, as means of exploring the subconscious.

Fern Dunaway

Fern is a second year creative writing student at Curtin University. She has dunaway with her real name. She has also dunaway with writing poetry about people she should probably not be thinking about. Two of these statements are true.

Steven Finch

Hello. My life lately: I started a perzine ( and I also helped found a literary journal dotdotdash ( I wish I talked to more people. There are a lot of interesting perspectives out there. I'm still on the big cheese, existentialism and meta-textual reference.

Jono Gilmour

Jono decided to enrol in a Film and Television degree (Creative Writing minor) at Curtin University on a whim. Despite still having a strong interest in the art of film he prefers the more traditionally individualist media of music and the written word. Jono lives for independence, self-expression, meaningful experiences and simpler things like good friends, comfort food, breaking the law and friendly cats.

Jennifer Hubble

Jennifer Hubble completed a BSc/Be and, almost immediately, decided to ditch five years worth of study to take up creative writing. She is a closet fan-fiction fan and RPer who has written or participated in several pieces under various pseudonyms. Her greatest interests are science fiction and fantasy.

Elizabeth Tan

Elizabeth is finishing her double degree in C&CS and Commerce this year. She writes the way she does because of Sonya Hartnett, Daniel Handler and Helen Barnes; she writes because of helpful teachers and peers who have been kind and honest to her. Lately she has felt particularly heartened by people reading her first and only zine, "Instructions for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (in rhyming couplets)".